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bio-anlaysis training hplc and mass spec

In addition to providing analytical services, training on the Shimadzu Nexera XR HPLC and Shimadzu LCMS-8040 instruments is also available. Once training has been completed, the trainee will receive in-house certification, allowing them to use our equipment to run their own samples.

This cost-effective and competitively priced service gives the user more control over their research and allows them to work at their own pace. Although the user will be fully responsible for conducting their own work, there will always be a laboratory assistant available to help if needed.

Unlike other companies providing a similar service, our training programme is usually 1-to-1 (no more than 2 at one time) and offers a more practical experience, allowing the user to spend time becoming accustomed to the instrument.

As we are aspiring to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) compliance, standard laboratory protocols will be used during training (following our Standard Operating Procedures).


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